20 questions and more :

hermit crab info

Have you ever wondered certain things about your hermit crabs ?

We will try to answer these questions and more for you. Click the links below to find the answers

1. Can hermit crabs hear?

2. Can hermit crabs smell ?

3. How can hermit crabs recognize their owners or their friends?

4. How do hermit crabs know how to change shells?

5. Do hermit crabs have emotions?

6. Do hermit crabs have favorite foods?

7. Do hermit crabs get bored?

8. Can hermit crabs learn tricks?

9. Why do hermit crabs bury things?

10. Do hermit crabs bathe?

11. How do i know if my hermit crab is eating?

12. How do I know if my hermit crab is sleeping?

13. Can hermit crabs see in the dark or in the light?

14. How old is my hermit crab?

15. How do I know if my hermit crab is sick?

16. How do I know if my hermit crab is stressed?

17. Why does my hermit crab burrow under the sand?

18. Why do they have two sets of antennae?

19. Do hermit crabs make sounds?

20. How do hermit crabs communicate?


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