This app was built by GingerTea Technologies which elevates the ordinary with mobile app technology.  Mobile software development products currently encompass several different industries, and are designed to make life simpler and more beautiful as we pay attention to the small details. Look out for new niche products designed to serve you. Ginger Tea Tech aims for a seamless blend of technology and natural intuition. Inspiration comes from many sources but most notably the little things in everyday life. The MyHermiesKeeper TM  app concept was born when our CEO was introduced to the world of hermit crabs after purchasing these adorable but delicate pets for her child. It soon became apparent that keeping track of the details means better care for these little creatures.  This app was developed to assist the new or veteran crab keeper in taking the best care of their hermit crabs to help ensure a long happy life for these crustacean companions. If you care for pet hermit crabs download this must-have app, and recommend to a fellow crab-keeping friend.


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Brooklyn, NY, USA