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MyHermiesKeeper TM is a brand-name for a software product established by GingerTea Technologies, a privately owned business which provides products for everyday life. "You" and "your" in this context means your own individual use, or the use of those acting as your agents, or your minors use of the content (Note: In accordance with federal laws, for the purpose of maintenance of online privacy for children, and under this contract, if you are under the age of 13, parental permission is required for account creation, click here)  Your continued use of this website for information, and/or use of MyHermiesKeeper TM application on your mobile Android or IOS device constitutes your assertion that you are not a minor and have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to the terms or policies you may discontinue use of the website for content and uninstall the mobile application software. For all intents and purposes, the content on this website, mobile app and MyHermiesKeeper TM brand-name in use in various media outlets, including but not limited to content displayed on Pinterest INC , YouTube LLC, and Instagram are property of GingerTea Technologies, except those as indicated otherwise. You may not, without permission, use the brand name, or any images or content, which are not of the public domain or open-source licensed (see Licenses and Attributions for more information), in use by MyHermiesKeeper TM in any of the above outlets or others, as your own product, nor reverse engineer or disassemble, modify, reconstruct, duplicate or redistribute the above mentioned products (websites or apps or brand-identifying items) without express permission from our brand or you will be in violation of this contract and liable for legal action.


The web content and mobile software on Android or IOS platforms  are presented "as is" and without any express guarantees of fitness for any particular purpose. Customer satisfaction is aimed for in all circumstances, however many factors - including device specifications, modifications and changes in third-party software platforms, may affect how a software behaves in a particular environment - as such no guarantees of function can be made in this product or any product operating in similar circumstances.  MyHermiesKeeper TM or GingerTea Technologies is not liable for any issues or damages beyond the original cost of purchase of the mobile application product, and only as per the terms expressed upon sale in the marketplace in which it was purchased. The content presented on the website and in the mobile software are checked for accuracy and correctness in terms of the proper care and treatment of hermit crabs.  However, all recommendations, and tips are presented as a guide only, based on information sources which are freely available to the public. MyHermiesKeeper TM does not intend to represent itself as the authority or expert in the subject matter of hermit crab keeping, and as such is not liable for anything deemed as misinformation or inaccuracies in the matter.  Your use of the information is intended as a guide only and you assume all risk for actions taken in regards to the care of your pets.  Furthermore, your use of the software to help you care for your pets is in a supplementary role to your own judgement and research, and in no way is MyHermiesKeeper TM or GingerTea Technologies responsible for any adverse outcomes in your pets conditions, or any other adverse outcomes which may theoretically occur, related to notifications, display, malfunction, or provision of any other information or data or lack thereof presented to you by the mobile application software or website. Finally, throughout the app or on the website there may be references or links to third-party websites for your further information and convenience. Reference to these third-party websites for more information does not constitute a business relationship, affiliation or mutual endorsement with MyHermiesKeeper TM. Please refer to these websites for their individual terms and conditions and privacy policies.  


Your visiting the website, sending email message to us, subscribing or creating an account and logging into the app on your  mobile device allows certain limited amount of information of yours to be made available either in an anonymous aggregate manner or in an individual manner. When you visit this website and/or send an email or create an account, certain information may be maintained by GingerTea Technologies and/or third-party affiliates including Wix INC., Google INC., MailChimp, and email authentication providers. The general personal information which may be collected may be obtained via cookies or similar tracking technologies which are stored on your computer to allow basic information to be analyzed in an aggregate and individual basis, or through internet tokens or device related certificates stored on secure servers. The cookies may keep track of IP addresses for general information related to website traffic in order to understand patterns of user engagement and to allow companies to provide more useful experiences to you as the user, such as your browser remembering  clicked links etc, and to display relevant advertising. These cookies may be deleted from your device by you if you should prefer it. Your email information would be available if you send a message via the website or create an account in order to use the mobile application. The email information collected by GingerTea Technologies and third-party email authentication providers for MyHermiesKeeper TM is maintained strictly secure and confidential and used solely for the purposes of identifying and maintaining your app account data, and/or in order to provide you service by us. Email account information received by us will absolutely NOT be used by us for any other purposes, including solicitations of other offers or other general spam and will NOT be sold or willfully provided by us for use by any other third-party, except that as described above or as required by law.  GingerTea Technologies is not liable for privacy or security policies of third-party affiliates, however they are evaluated for security measures and anti-spam policies, and you are encouraged to visit the privacy and security policies of these affiliates as mentioned.  Click here to view the third-party privacy notice of Google INC. The frequency of receiving email from MyHermiesKeeper TM   shall be on average limited to once per week or less, and will only contain info related to the app as requested, including dates of  software product release, care tips,  or promotional offers strictly related to the app itself. You may remove your email from our list or unsubscribe at any time as per your convenience.

This document constitutes the legal agreement between you and MyHermiesKeeper TM as it relates to our terms of engagement.  Any portion of this document deemed to be legally unfit does not affect the other portions of the agreement. Any further questions regarding this document, the Terms and Conditions or Privacy and Security, please contact us for clarification. 

Last updated: October 19, 2017



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